Common mistakes while using LED video walls

LED video wall could become a big helper in communication with your audience and as an additional channel of promotion. The installation of a LED video wall is not a big problem while the professionals are in. But how to use this promotional tool effectively and avoid some common mistakes? So that it would not become a stumbling-stone?

Here you can find some mistakes and their solution:

  • Mistake: the usage of static content.

Solution: keep your audience engaged using dynamic video content. LED video walls can afford the high-impact intensity, your video content can truly shine! 

  • Mistake: the usage of low-quality content.

Solution: again, LED video walls can produce a stunning image for your audience, so don’t save on the quality of your content. The graphics should be attractive, colourful and only high-quality. Don’t forget, we are talking about the image of your company! 

Mistakes while using LED video walls
Use your LED video wall in unusual way
  • Mistake: boring panels.

Solution: LED panels are so popular because of their flexibility so that you can use them in almost any way! Be playful and get your audience involved in game! We are specialists in custom visual solutions. And don’t worry about the technical side – this we will take upon ourselves!

  • Mistake: wrong placement of the speaker.

Solution: if you have a speaker on your event and he will be performing in front of your LED video wall, make sure that the background and the speakers’ clothes will not contrast each other and will harmonize.

Kevin Spacey speaks in front of LED video wall

Hope that these tips will help you while preparing a new audio-visual project. However, all these mistakes you can avoid with our help. We have big experience in organizing different events, you can see our impressive portfolio here. Feel free to contact us and get a consultation. 

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