How to choose a LED manufacturer?

Most of LED video products are made by hundreds of companies in the world’s electronic component manufacturing capitol –  Shenzhen, China. However, not all are equal in features, support, quality and reliability.

LED video walls manufacturers are mostly from China
Most of the AV manufacturers are from China

Here are several things to consider while choosing LED manufacturer:

Market reputation: one of the easiest ways to choose a trusted LED video walls manufacturer is to find the reviews on its products, recommendations from companies who collaborate with this manufacturer – simply saying, a word of mouth.

Reliable manufacturer cares about a good reputation, and you can find numerous proofs of it on the Internet, for example. But be careful of reviews from not real customers – they can warn you, that this manufacturer is not worthy of your money. Trusted AV manufacturers don’t need false reviews!

Product Durability: this indicator is important to understand the product’s lifespan. One more indicator – is the resistance to bad weather conditions, possible impact from external objects. If the AV manufacturer is concerned about all these things, that’s a good sign.

LED panels should be resistant to different weather conditions

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly: modern LED video wall panels should be all about conserving energy and delivering the perfect light ambiance. LED panels should be highly energy-efficient, so don’t forget to pay attention to this indicator too. And they should be eco-friendly too – free of toxic chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.

Appropriate certification: the LED panels manufacturer should ensure that international safety standards are not compromised, and product enhancements are made as per the country to which the product will be shipped. 

LED Products Insurance: the trusted AV manufacturer is always concerned about protection against damages while its product is shipping to a customer. And especially this applies to international shipping too.

Warranty: pay special attention to the after-sale service. Easy returns and product warranty is the backbone of modern businesses.

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