How to choose digital signage?

Digital signage is one of the most effective tools that you can use to communicate with your audience. Digital signage catches people’s attention and this is crucial to your business: it can improve your marketing and advertising initiatives through powerful calls to action and engaging visuals. Or if you’re looking to improve communication with your visitors, staff, or students, your message will get noticed with digital signage. In fact, digital signage attracts the attention of 63% of people, making digital signage hard to ignore.

And sometimes it’s cheaper than other AV solutions for advertising. Earlier the cost of a digital signage installation was about a few thousand dollars, but now due to the increased commoditization of parts, a fully functioning digital signage project can be accomplished for only a few hundred dollars.

How to choose digital signage for advertising?

To make an effective digital signage project you should: do the right goal setting, study your audience and understand what kind of content you need for your purposes. The technical aspect we undertake.

Goal setting

Your goals will dictate all other factors associated with your project such as the type of display you use, the media player you need, the location of your displays and the type of content you show.

Study your audience

To make effective advertising you should know your audience – their interests, habits and intentions to figure out how you can best target them with your digital signage.

What content to use

If you are going to use static content, that demands less processing power like text, images, and short videos. Dynamic content (animations, high-resolution video)  require more processing power to display.

If you have a clear picture of what kind of digital signage project it should be, contact us and we will choose the best equipment to you.

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