How to choose LED video wall for broadcast?

Not all LED screens are suitable for a broadcast environment!  A number of different image artifacts can be experienced while shooting an LED screen on camera. While not visible to the naked eye, camera sees it differently and you may see unwanted effects like line scroll, line tearing and/or moiré effect on your footage.

A shoot-out with use of LED video wall has to be carefully planned. High refresh rate LED panels have to be chosen to avoid tearing and splashing, frame rate of the screen matched to camera, Genlock connected to the cameras, playback and LED screen controllers.

LED video wall for broadcast in NYC
LED video wall for broadcast

While line scroll is easily fixed electronically, moiré is a physicalartifact. Although there are methods to effectively reduce moiré, there is no easy way to completely “fix” it. LED screen configuration, pixel pitch and physical construction of LED panels are as significant as choosing suitable camera angles, position, aperture, depth of field etc.

VWN engineers have conducted numerous studies of LED displays in broadcast environment, which included trials of different LED products at broadcast studious and have developed a list of recommendations for avoiding problems related to LED screens in television and movies. Consult our experts today.