How to choose LED video wall?

There are a wide variety of LED video screens. Choosing the right product for your project could be a challenging task and requires being informed of many technical aspects of the gear, venue and your audience.

How to choose video wall?
How to choose right LED video wall for your event?

Here you will find answers that would help you to make the right choice:

Indoor or outdoor venue

Outdoor LEDs are weatherproof and generally bright enough to be used during daytime. Indoor LEDs are usually smaller pixel pitch for higher definition experience.

Temporary or permanent installation

LED cabinets for permanent installations are usually less expensive because of simplified hardware design, but they require more time and effort for installation versus rental cabinets, which are designed for quick and reliable assembly.

Choosing LED video wall you should answer several questions
How to choose LED video wall?

Screen size and pixel pitch

This is calculated according to venue dimensions, media aspect ratio and audience size. Firstly, figure out the physical constraints – ceiling height, stage depth and width, distance from the screen to the first row of seating. The rule of thumb for calculating the ideal pixel pitch is 5 feet per millimeter. So, with 4mm pixel pitch your minimal viewing distance is about 20 feet. If you are in a theatre and first row is about 25 feet from the screen position, you should choose an LED screen with pixel pitch of 5mm or smaller. For large screen outdoor installations you may need 10, 15 or even 20mm pixel pitch. Special LED panel design allowing for wind blow-through may be used to minimize the sail effect. There is also a formula for proper screen size and position. Please, contact VWN for customized solution.

Media resolution and aspect ratio

LED video walls are constructed of LED panels that come in many different sizes and shapes. Most often the standard panel size is 500×500 mm. The screen aspect ratio is usually dictated by the media type to be played and the physical limitations of the venue. For instance, if you were doing IMAG and PowerPoint presentations for your show you would probably want the screen size to be as close to the original media format as possible, most commonly – 16:9. For a stage backdrop, you may find that the best screen size for your venue should be 40 feet by 10 feet – 4:1 aspect ratio. In this case you would want to provide the media creators with the exact dimensions and pixel count of your screen for customized media design.

Flown or ground supported screen

First thing to consider is to calculate the proper position of your LED screen. For example, if you are planning to use two screens on each side of stage for IMAG at an outdoor arena your perfect screen height may be 20-30 feet off the ground thus the need for hanging points or proper rigging structure. If a screen needs to be constructed on stage behind the presenter, ground support hardware may be used. VWN is happy to assist with planning and tech design.

Power requirements

A typical LED panel draws about 100 Watts. At 110V circuits it is equal to 1.1 Ampere (please, check with LED manufacturer for exact power draw). If you have a screen constructed of 150 LED panels, the power requirement is 165A.  A standard wall outlet in the US usually is rated at 15A. A power distribution box and an electrician on site to “tie off” power connectors may be needed. Check with your venue for available power and type of connections.

Which LED manufacturer to choose

Most of LED video products are made by hundreds of companies in the world’s electronic component manufacturing capitol – Shenzhen, China. However, not all are equal in features, support, quality and reliability.

Over several years VWN have been collaborating with industry leaders such as Leyard, Unilumin, ROI, Infiled, Absen, Coleder, Novastar and developed strong business relationships along with an extensive database of products and services.

VWN professionals are ready to consult you for any of these questions, so you can be sure  that chosen LED video wall will meet all your requirements and needs.