What are the benefits of LED Video Walls?

Compared with other technologies, LED displays have a number of very distinct advantages.

First and foremost, they are extremely versatile and weather-proof by design, so they can be safely installed outdoors without much protection, which is not possible for other display technologies that are easily damaged by rain, dust, and other weather factors.

Their remarkable brightness (up to 10,000 NIT and above) makes them clearly visible in broad daylight – a unique feature among all existing display types. On top of that, the LED technology boasts an outstandingly broad color range and gives manufacturers a huge degree of freedom in terms of defining the size and shape of LED panels.

What are the benefits of using LED video wall?
Benefits of LED video walls

The most important characteristic of these panels, however, is their ultra-thin bezel that facilitates the creation of nearly seamless LED video walls of a virtually unlimited size – something that would be impossible to implement using traditional LCD or projection technologies.

Thanks to their remarkable consumer qualities, LED displays are currently the most popular choice for indoor and outdoor advertising, shop displays, video wall installations at public events and concerts, hotels, control rooms, and other venues that require reliable display solutions delivering excellent image quality while consuming a bare minimum of power. In a nutshell, LED panels and LED video walls based on them offer the following unique selling points:

  • Record brightness levels
  • Wide color gamut
  • Intrinsically weather-proof
  • Suitability for indoor and outdoor application
  • Variable size, curvature
  • No bezel for seamless modular assemblies
  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible installation options 

Throughout its long history, VWN has worked with all types of LED video wall panels and has built a team of experts capable of handling projects of any complexity. 

VWN professionals are ready to consult you for any of these questions, so you can be sure  that chosen LED video wall will meet all your requirements and needs.