What are the benefits of using digital signage?

Digital signage has become an essential communication tool. You can find them on the streets, in shopping malls, in airports, in the subway, in parks, museums… Anywhere! So don’t ignore this type of promotion and information. It has significant benefits over traditional printed posters and even big LED panels. Let’s see what are the main benefits of digital signage:

The benefits of using digital signage in advertising
Digital signage is dynamic
  • Digital signage content is dynamic. This attracts much more attention than a printed poster, for example. The combination of bright colors and motion makes digital signage displays hard to ignore. Moreover, digital signage is also much easier to update – and that makes it also cost-effective. You don’t need to hire workers to change information on the signage, this could be done remotely and in real-time!
  • Digital signage increases sales. Studies have proven that digital signage displays sell more product compared to other forms of point of purchase signs. Some people even call them the “silent salespeople” of our century. 
  • Digital signage is cheaper than some other communication tools. The cost of digital signage is less than the cost of a big LED video wall due to its smaller proportions. Once the hardware investment has been made (by the way, cost of hardware and software keeps dropping year by year), there are few recurring costs other than the production of new content. There are none of the shipping and disposal costs normally associated with static, printed material.
Digital signage is informative
  • Digital signage is more informative. As you can deliver your content through the digital signage instantly and continuously, you can deliver it in much more volume than you’ll do it through traditional printed posters. You are not limited by space and time, so the information could be not limited too! This is especially relevant for the places where people spend much time waiting, for example, in airports, food courts, educational and social institutions, and so on.
  • Digital signage informs, educates and entertains. Successful organizations plan their digital signage deployments in such a way to maximize staff and customer exposure. This way broadcasts can be tailored according to each audience.  Customers get presented with sales, advertising or informational content while staff is provided with training content, strategic information, and various other business focused information streams. 

Still hesitating whether you need digital signage for your purposes? Contact us and our professionals will tell you more benefits concerning your business area! 

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