What are the cons and pros of digital projection?

Choosing digital projection for purposes of your business you should consider all the pros and cons of its usage. Let’s look at some of them.

Pros of using digital projection:

  • size – one of the most significant reasons to go projection. Mainstream projectors tend to divide into four main categories:
    • portable or “pico” projectors, which can be popped into a briefcase and may operate standalone without a PC connection – ideal for salespeople with a visual pitch;
    • moveable models weighing just a few kilos, designed to be moved from room to room and set up on a desktop – good for ad hoc use in small meetings;
    • fixed projectors permanently installed in meeting rooms, usually on the ceiling – with more features and greater brightness they can hold the attention of a larger audience;
    • powerful, heavy-duty models designed to dominate large auditoria – anything from lecture halls and theatres to churches and football stadia.

You can choose any of them depending on your purposes.

  • it can be used nearly everywhere and there isn’t much they can’t do. Even extremely large, high brightness images can be achieved (but with big efforts) with multiple projectors and edge blending.
  • the price of digital projection compares favourably with the price of LED video wall. So if your budget is limited, use digital projection as a solution.
Cons and pros of digital projection

Cons of using digital projection:

  • brightness – nonetheless, no matter how bright the projector any ambient light in the room is going to wash out the image; 
  • the maintenance costs – buying and replacing parts (lamps, for example) can cost a considerable amount of money compared to the cost of the projector itself. 

Regardless of your budget and needs, it is better to consult professionals to get a better result. So please contact us and we will help you make the right choice.

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