What is a flexible LED video wall?

The flexible video wall is an LED video wall consisting of flexible LED panels. These panels are similar to the traditional LED panels in installation and in image quality, but even has some advantages over them:

  • weight – while usual LED panels are rather heavy, flexible LED panels are ultralight. On average, an LED video wall made from flexible panels is about 60% lighter; 
  • storage and transportation – because of the construction, flexible panels allow easy storage and transportation; 
  • customization – the main advantage of flexible LED panels is their flexibility. This quality can help you to reach almost every your wish whether you want a spiral or round video wall, cylindrical or tunnel LED display.
Who needs flexible video wall?
Curved LED video wall for live show event

Who needs flexible LED video wall?

You can use flexible LED video wall panels for any purposes, but they are specially suitable for irregular constructions that some kinds of content may suppose. Exhibitions, art installations, amusement parks, concerts and many other places where flexible LED video wall will be the right decision. And as a cherry on a pie – they are suitable both for indoor or outdoor installations, usually they are waterproof and resistant for damages.

The benefits of using flexible LED video walls
Flexible LED video wall has a number of benefits

How to choose flexible LED video panels manufacturer?

First of all, study the reputation of the most popular LED panels manufacturers and find customer reviews. 

Ask clarifying questions to a seller: about the delivery, the insurance, the warranty, and others. The trusted manufacturer is always concerned about all these issues. 

And don’t forget that when it comes to technology, good things can’t be cheap.

If you are still hesitating or have no time to learn all these details, you can contact us and we will help you to make the right choice!

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