What is better – to rent or to buy LED video wall?

Whether to buy LED video wall or rent can be a difficult decision to make. An LED screen is a considerable investment. We suggest assessing the need, estimating the cost of purchase vs. LED video wall rental and creating an action plan.

If your project is a permanent installation, you have budget, room for storage and perspective for repeat use, purchasing gear maybe the right choice.  

Video walls for rent in NYC
LED video walls for sale and for rent

Once you research the gear online you may be puzzled with LED panels that look almost identical on pictures but greatly differ in price. Be aware that many of Chinese marketeers driven by low prices and often are skimpy on investing in proper production, performance and quality control. Choosing the right manufacturer is as important as choosing the gear to project specifications that will ensure quality performance, trouble free operation and longevity of your investment.

We provide video wall rentals and sales. Rent-to-buy or buy-back arrangements are also possible. With either choice VWN can guide you through every step of the way.