What is digital projection?

Digital projector or digital projection display system is a specialized computer display that projects an enlarged image on a movie screen. They are often used for presentations, home cinemas, classroom teaching, etc.

How to use digital projection?
Digital projection display systems for live show events

There are 2 types of digital projection:

  1. LCD (liquid-crystal-display) – the main advantages are: efficiency, ease of brightness and contrast adjustment, and high image resolution. Also extremely popular because of its lower price.
  2. DLP (digital light processing) – make use of a set of tiny mirrors – one for each pixel of the image – and can provide higher quality images. More advantages of DLP technology: light weight, high contrast, and lack of pixelation. Еherefore they are more expensive and often used when the quality of the image is in the first place. 

Please consult us to find the best digital projection option for your business.

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