What is LED video processor?

LED video processor is also known as picture processor, image converter, video controller, image processor screen converter, video format converter independent video source.

LED video processors are specially designed for the LED display. It is high-performance image processing and control devices for full-colour LED displays. Generally, it can change the resolution format and colour space, as well as image scaling; LED video processor integrates video image processing and high-definition signal processing technology. Designing combined with the special requirements of the full-colour LED screen display. It can simultaneously receive and process a variety of different video graphics signals and show on full-colour LED display screens. 

LED video processor for your event in NYC
LED video processor

The main functions of the video processor are:

1. Image zooming. The LED video processor can scale the image, output the screen at any size, and complete the entire desktop map to the LED screen. Whether the resolution is increased or reduced, the full image can be displayed on the screen.

2. Signal switching. The management of various signals at a time when there are multiple signal connections, and flexible switch between signals.

3.  Image quality improvement.  High quality LED video processor can use advanced algorithms of image quality is not a good signal to the decoration of execution to interlaced, edge sharpening, motion compensation and so on a series of processing, enhance the detail of the image, improve image quality.

4. Multi-screen processing. In many special situations, an LED screen should display multiple images of the same or different images. The LED video processor with multi-screen processing functions can be flexibly satisfied with such display requirements.

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