What is LED video wall price?

Getting ready for your event or promotional campaign many questions may bother you: the right location, advertising, organizational issues, decorations, audiovisual artwork and many many others. Some of these questions undertake companies that specialize in the event organization, some – companies like Video Wall New York that provide custom audiovisual solutions. All you need is to pay invoices and control deadlines.

As for AV solutions, there are a lot of questions about the price. We often face the question – what is LED video wall price? To answer this question let’s look at what factors it could depend. At least 3 issues should be considered: 

The price of LED video wall varies according to your needs
Resolution is one of the factors to be considered while choosing LED video wall
  • Size: it is measured in square meters or in exterior dimensions width and height. LED video wall is made of many displays, the size of each usually is 500x500mm or 19.7×19.7″. You can try to estimate by yourself how many LED panels your video wall will require, or you can contact us to calculate the price of LED video wall that would fit your purposes.
  • Resolution: LED walls are built with modular components, so the resolution of any particular installation in pixels can vary. This is why the most common specification for pixel density is referenced in the industry as “pixel pitch.” Pixel pitch is the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels. The smaller the pitch the more pixels that will fit into a fixed dimension, increasing the fidelity of the image. The smaller pixels the more you can fit into the same physical dimensions and thus increase the pixel count which delivers higher levels of details and smoother edges to your images. 
  • The quality of the LED components: there is no use to tell you that good things can’t be too cheap. If you want a good quality you shouldn’t save money on the AV equipment. Choosing trusted manufacturers of LED video walls definitely will help you to avoid the unexpected and undesired effect of your media message

There are more factors that will influence the final cost of your LED video screen. That’s why many of our clients prefer to use our LED video walls rental service. All you need is to contact us, describe your project and tell about your requirements, and all the rest will be on our side.

We work only with the best AV equipment on the market and our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

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