What is LED video wall?

The video wall is made of many displays that work together to show content. LED video wall is a number of displays that use LED technology. All together they make up one LED display and is capable of generating sharp, bright images. Usually, a single pane size is 500x500mm or 19.7×19.7″. Four of these panels makes up one square meter. 

Look how easy the installation of LED video wall could be (if professionals are in)

LED video wall installation process

LED video wall has many advantages over projection or, for example, old-fashioned LCD displays:

• wide-viewing angle – from any angle you’ll look the image will be clear and visible;

• image quality – the color remains bright from any viewing angle, it doesn’t become fuzzy at long distances;

• high performance and high refresh rate – excellent picture quality regardless of the broadcast source;

• ease of maintenance and cost savings – as well as being less expensive to design and install, an LED wall lasts longer and is relatively simple to maintain, especially when compared to traditional large-scale projectors.

LED video wall for your event in NYC
What is LED video wall?

LED video walls could be used almost anywhere, inside or outside, where you need an additional source of communication: factories, airports, universities, theaters, large-scale trade shows, conference rooms, television broadcasting, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals… you can continue.

As for the cost of LED video walls, it can vary quite widely based on manufacturer, pixel pitch, the LED technology used in the tiles, and whether you are buying direct from the manufacturer or going through a reseller. 

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