What to choose – LED video wall or Projection?

LED technology provides many advantages over projectors.

First and foremost LED is a direct emitting light technology, which can produce bright and vivid images viewable even under direct sunlight. Projection employs reflective light technology thus even the brightest projectors cannot compete with daylight. Panels can be assembled in a seamless virtually unlimited size screen and operation is noiseless. LEDs can sustain the same level of brightness for over 50 thousand hours and are suitable for 24/7 operation.

What's better - LED video wall or projector?
LED video wall vs. Projection

But don’t rush to discard projection just yet. Projectors can produce beautiful high-resolution images in a controlled environment. DLP technology is proven to accurately reproduce color. Several projectors can be blended into an extremely high-resolution customized screen and high-power projectors can be used to display mapped images on buildings and other objects. Projectors are here to stay.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with display technologies allows for impressive yet efficient AV design. Let VWN help you to choose the right technology and gear for your next project.