Video Wall Processor: ANALOG WAY ASCENDER 16 – 4K

analog way ascender 16 4K in NY

DESCRIPTION FOR Analog Way Ascender 16 – 4K Video Wall Processor

Cutting edge, solid state, multi-output 4K seamless switcher and videowall processor based on the powerful LiveCore™ platform. Featuring heavy-duty design, versatile connectivity, state-of-the-art real-time processing, advanced video effects and user-friendly web-based user interface, the Ascender 16 – 4K is a perfect fit for live events and system integration requiring the highest reliability and performance.

  • Solid state, multi-output 4K seamless switcher and videowall processor
  • 12 multi-standard inputs
  • 4 multi-standard outputs
  • Multiview
  • Confidence monitoring

The Ascender 16 – 4K offers many advanced real time processing features that you might only expect to find in high-end professional broadcast studios. Cut and fill, alpha-channel support, Chroma and Luma key, true seamless switching on all layers as well as an intuitive web based user interface which will help unleash all your creative potential.

Ascender 16 – 4K is expandable for Larger Events or larger screens, 2 chassis can be linked via proprietary link cables. In this configuration, input/output capabilities are doubled without requiring any upstream splitter or any matrix router. For even more impressive shows, multiple chassis can be controlled by Vertige™ or RCU to create huge video canvases with up to 96 outputs and 192 megapixels.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Analog Way Ascender 16 -4K Processor

Ascender 16-4K product key features:

12 Seamless Inputs

  • 42 total input plugs
  • 6x HDMI (3x HDMI up to 4K@30Hz included)
  • 3x DisplayPort (up to 4K@30Hz)
  • 9x DVI-I (3x DVI Dual-Link up to 2560×1600 included)
  • 12x 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • 12x Universal Analog (6x HD15 and 6x DVI-A)
  • Supports quad-head HD sources

4 Outputs

  • 5 plugs per output
  • 8x Universal Analog (4x HD15 and 4x DVI-A)
  • 4x 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • 2x DVI-I Dual-Link up to 2560×1600
  • 2x DVI/HDMI 4K up to 4K@30Hz 4:4:4 or up to 4K@60Hz 4:2:0
  • 4x SFP (Optical for SDI Fiber transmission)
  • Supports Quad HD (4K@60Hz 4:4:4 on 4 cables)

State-of-the-art Processing

– Ultra-low latency 10 bit 4:4:4 processing
– Uncompromising scaling performance and image quality
– Supports de-interlacing, frame rate and aspect ratio conversion
– 2 true seamless scaled layers per output (16 scalers)
– 1 native background per output using still images or live sources
– Advanced layer management

Advanced Video Effects
– Seamless crossfade on all layers, on all 12 sources
– Borders: Edge, Smooth, Smooth Edge, Shadow
– Transitions: Cut, Fade, Slide, Wipe, Circle, Stretch, Depth, Flying window with programmable paths
– Layer effects: Background Cut, Transparency, Luma/Chroma Key, DSK, H&V Flip, Cut and Fill
– Color effects: B&W, Negative, Sepia and Solarize

Creative Display Configurations

– Supports any combination of single-screen or widescreen applications
– Single/Master screen memories to easily recall looks on all the screens
– Custom output formats for non-standard display applications
– Independent resolution and rate on all outputs
– Rotation capability in increments of 90°
– Custom Canvas mode for special LED wall applications
– Area of Interest option to customize active areas of outputs
– Confidence monitor available for unused outputs

Simple Setup and Advanced Control
– Web RCS: embedded intuitive drag and drop web-based interface
– Live video thumbnails shown on GUI
– Collaborative architecture: up to 5 simultaneous operators
– Wide range of hardware and software control solutions available (Vertige™, RCU, Shot BoxІ, Control BoxІ…)
– TCP/IP protocol supported by all major third-party control systems
– AMX/Crestron drivers
– AW VideoCompositor: design-intuitive drag and drop Crestron® user interfaces to control your live events with the LiveCore™ series image

Up to 100 Still Image Memories

– Still images fully resizable
– Download/upload via Web RCS
– Capture from live inputs
– Supports alpha-channels for transparent background

Independent Monitoring Output
– Output plugs: HD15, DVI-I DL, 2x 3G-SDI and Analog SDTV (4x BNC)
– Customizable layout with up to 12 windows
– Real-time monitoring of sources, preview, program
– 8 memories available to save custom monitoring layouts

Accessories For Analog Way Ascender

We can offer a set of accessories for each product. Our catalog is currently being updated, all the accessories for Analog Way Ascender 16 -4K Processor are available on request! Please, contact us!

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Analog Way Ascender 16 proves easy, effective solution for the LED walls during any rental event!

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