BlackMagic video camera rental

“VWN Video Wall Systems” is a premier audiovisual service company, that operates in New-York, USA, and offers you a great opportunity to rent a BlackMagic video recording package!

BlackMagic video recording package from VWN
Photo: BlackMagic video recording package from VWN. BlackMagic is a well-known brand that helps professionals with video recording and monitoring all over the world! Get your rental price and reserve your video equipment today!
  • Advanced HD and Ultra HD broadcast cameras with B4 mount, broadcast controls, built in ND filters, extended video dynamic range, and ProRes or DNx recording onto SD, UHS-II or CFast cards.

We provide:

1. BlackMagic video recording package with operator

  • You don’t need to think about setting everything up. No doubts about the quality of the result.

2. Fast delivery and pickup!

  • Delivery and pickup of your BlackMagic video camera within 5 boroughs of Manhattan and Northern New Jersey.

3. Controlled quality

  • We make sure that our products undergo rigorous quality control and we understand every aspect of its construction and performance.

4. Additional insurance

  • Additional Insurance coverage / security / union labor may be proposed for certain venues in this package, so you are fully protected.

Relevant prices

  • Call us, and you will get one of the best offers for BlackMagic video cameras in New-York!

FAQ about BlackMagic video cameras rental

1. Are you certified to give such a service?
Yes, we are certified by equipment manufacturers to operate pioneering equipment such as BlackMagic, Analog Way Ascender, Barco E2, Pandora’s Box, D3, Dataton Watchout and many more.
2. What are the terms of payment?
The terms of payment are flexible! Full payment for BlackMagic video recording package should be submitted to VWN just 24 hours or more prior to rental date.
3. What are your labor hours?
Labor and delivery is based on 8 hour day. Additional labor may apply if you need it, as well as additional electrical and delivery.
4. Сan your specialists inspect our site?
Yes. Site survey may be needed prior to final arrangement.
5. What is the price for this package?
Please, contact us for complete BlackMagic video recording package price!



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