Digital Projection Media Design Service

Digital projectors are different from LCD panels and LED video wallsin terms of how they are used and what kind of content they are best at displaying.

We know exactly how to make your presentations look great and will advise on the best approach to designing digital materials that will have a powerful impact on the audience. 

VWN has been working with cutting-edge Digital Projection video systems since the very emergence of digital projection as an industry. Today, we offer high-end conventional and laser projectors from Panasonic, Barco, Christie, and other leading manufacturers. All Digital Projection Media Design Service is also provided with comprehensive set-up, operation, and technical support services for projection equipment and screens.

Whether you are bringing your own media for playback or need help producing the right visual message for your event, we have you covered. Your artfully crafted media deserves to be driven by top-notch playback devices to industry-leading display technology.