LED Video Walls for Rent

Rent small pitch indoor or outdoor LED panels delivered to NYC, CT or Northern New Jersey. Professional trouble-free installation of the video equipment is guaranteed. Screen size is tailored to your needs.

We provide high quality indoor and outdoor LED video walls rentals. Our ​LED displays​ are part of a range of integrated broadcast and communications ​solutions ​for retail, live show events, advertising and entertainment in New York and Northern New Jersey.

Only trusted LED video wall manufacturers

We work only with t​rusted manufacturers ​of LED video wall panels and other AV equipment, like Leyard, Unilumin, ROI, Infiled, Absen, Coleder, Novastar and developed strong business relationships along with an extensive database of products and services.

Latest technologies and equipment

Our strong relationships with leading manufacturers of LED video walls allow us to keep up with the times. The latest technologies and equipment are always available.

Quality of LED video walls rental service

Our quality assurance process includes calibrating every tile and testing each light to guarantee they are working before being delivered.

Customization of LED video walls

Our LED walls are also modular and scalable, so that makes it possible to provide you with a custom solution. Flexible, curved or concave LED panels are always available for rent. We can build a creative LED configuration such as a cube or a cylinder, or even an LED dance floor with synchronized music, graphics, and lights. Almost any your fantasy can become a reality with our custom visual solutions!​

Full package of AV solutions

We provide a full range of services and supporting products to facilitate the organization for your event: a variety of support systems (top-mounted and floor mounted), anchor weights, accessories, video processors, etc. So you’ll not have to find multiple vendors, we provide the full package of AV solutions.


Our guarantees

We can guarantee you the best turnaround times in New York and Northern New Jersey.

Professional trouble-free installation ​​of the video equipment.

LED screen size and other customization to your needs.

Our more than​ 20 years of experience i​n LED video walls rental services sets us apart from competitors and gives us a number of advantages:

Our LED video walls rental process is transparent and straightforward. Just call us and get a professional consultation.

Do you need LED Video Walls for Rent? Video wall products are the core of our business and that’s where we offer years of concentrated expertise and experience.

We are the go-to experts for any projects involving innovative visual LED Video Wall applications, video wall controller systems, and bespoke LED panel solutions requiring a non-conventional approach to design and installation.

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