Digital Signage for Control Room in New York

Digital Signage for Control Room

Although digital signage elements do not play a leading role in control rooms, they aid certain employees in their day-to-day activities, help personnel navigate across … Read More
LED Video Wall for Control Room in New York

LED Video Wall for Control Room

Modern control rooms are virtually impossible without bright LED video walls that display large arrays of dynamically updated data, charts, and video feeds. Our team … Read More
Digital Projection for Control Room in New York

Digital Projection for Control Room

Digital projection can be used in control rooms as a secondary/backup type of visualization equipment. We have years of experience designing, building, and maintaining complex … Read More

FAQ about Control Room Video Wall Solutions in NYC

What do you offer for our control room?

VWN provides visual walls and other equipment of world-known manufacturers for the control room.

We will find the best AV solution for different types of control rooms.

VWN team will help, whether you need a control room equipment for a small recording studio or a modern radio and television studio control room design.

VWN offers display walls, monitors and projectors for:

  • Music studio control room;
  • Radio studio control room;
  • TV studio control room equipment;
  • Home and small studio control room;
  • Portable studio control room;
  • Audio video control systems for conference rooms,
  • And even more!

We can also find a modern visual wall design solution for the following types of control rooms:

  • Security control room;
  • Fire control room;
  • Power plant control room;
  • Church video control room.

Our talented crew of control room designers and design consultants has created numerous useful and modern audio-video solutions using the latest available technology.

What services are available?

All control room media walls are provided with:

We know everyting about audio visual management and have experience working with the most demanding customers. See our Portfolio and call us right now!