Digital Projection for Advertising

Digital Projection for Advertising in New York

The advertising industry often uses projectors for impressive indoor and outdoor performances, product presentations, and other events attended by large audiences.

Our company offers a wealth of experience in the digital projection domain and can be a single provider of projection equipment and services for any types of ad events.

  • Digital Projection equipment for indoor performances
  • Digital Projection for outdoor performances
  • Digital Projection for product presentations
  • Digital Projection for other events attended by large audiences

Digital projection for advertising

VWN has been working with cutting-edge Digital Projection video systems since the very emergence of digital projection as an industry. Today, we offer high-end conventional and laser projectors from Panasonic, Barco, Christie, and other leading manufacturers. All Digital Projection for Advertising is also provided with comprehensive set-up, operation, and technical support services for projection equipment and screens.